Every Design Gets its Seal

Seal Technology manufacturer of mechanical seals.

The performance of any water pump is dependent on the operation and efficiency of its mechanical seal. This is why Seal Technology invests in research & development and cutting-edge equipment to ensure a quality product, resistant to wear & tear over time, the characteristics of water and external agents that can limit or damage the functionality of the electric motor.

The 100% Made in Italy mechanical seals of Seal Technology are appreciated and in high demand around the world. Our products are used and applied to various sectors, including industrial, civil, food, electrical domestic appliances, agriculture, and renewable energy.

The research and development of new materials, in collaboration with our qualified partners, is the basis for the design and production of the two principal elements of a seal: sliding faces.

Steel, rubber, teflon, ceramic and plastic are the most frequently used and designed materials to ensure longevity of the product and to avoid the risk of leaks and problems associated with friction and wear and tear.

Our Flagship Product

One of the reasons Seal Technology has emerged as an industry leader owes to our innovative production of the renowned seal for 4’’ oil filled submersible motors. Thanks to the use of unique materials and a special process of producing the slide faces, this seal definitively eliminates the bonding problems characteristic of traditional seals and guarantees a longer motor lifecycle.

With the same purpose, a version of the seal has also been developed, suitable for use in contact with dirty water (i.e.. containing sand) and capable of ensuring very low consumption.

In addition to the products we offer in our catalogue, Seal Technology also supports its customers in the development and production of customized and personalized mechanical seals.

Step by Step

At Seal Technology we offer our clients unrivalled attention at every stage of the process.

technical advice and design to determine the most appropriate mechanical seal solution

component selection and review with specialized suppliers

internal quality control for selected components

manual, semiautomatic or automatic assembly, according to the type of components

mechanical processing, including lapping and polishing

finishing, performed with control and accuracy using ultrasound processes adapted for the specific characteristics of the materials used, to avoid damage or defects

quality control and packaging performed manually by specialized personnel, to identify and eliminate any defects or inconsistencies

safe and secure delivery

technical support to ensure correct installation and best maintenance of the product


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