The philosophy of Seal Technology, manufacturer of mechanical seals, is embodied in the words lean and greenclearly evident and expressed in the design of the new company headquarters in Barbarano Mossano. Here, everything meets the highest and most modern standards for production, sustainability, safety and comfort.

The facility, which covers more than 2,000 square meters, is:

Seal Technology manufacturer of mechanical seals


… because our entire production system works more effectively and efficiently, thanks to a reorganization and optimization of workflow and materials, spaces and resources.

This has led to very high quality standards, with , a reduction in waste and higher levels of satisfaction of both customers and employees. Production capacity has also benefitted, as it has doubled from the acquisition of new plants and machinery.

& Green...

That’s not all: our 50 KW photovoltaic system as well as our machinery heat recovery system allow for the significant reduction of energy consumption and also CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, ensuring our carbon footprint and environmental impact is minimized.

Finally, our innovative water treatment system is designed to facilitate the continual circulation and re-use of resources, thus minimizing the total volume of water used for disposal and consumption of detergents.

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